Christian VR game?

Now I’ve seen everything. Take a gander at this Google search page of virtual reality games that feature, or rather exploit, the Lord Jesus Christ–

Christian Virtual Reality Game

I am sickened by this gross mass marketing that pushes another Jesus. My next thought is when the Antichrist appears, he’s going to make an image seemingly come to life, and whoever doesn’t worship it will be killed. I believe this Oculus virtual reality gaming is the very means that he will make it possible. Already people are wearing VR headsets and playing these games to escape reality.

The internet is a global force, and it is already used for all sorts of evil. Virtual reality looks real, feels real and sounds real. So the elites therefore are getting us accustomed to it via these VR headsets and games. It’s what the Antichrist will demand worship with, of that I am convinced. I hope I’m wrong.

I’ll tell you what, if the people who are alive now were around back in Jesus’ day, 95% of them would have been stoned to death for the deadly sins which they freely commit nowadays. There would be NO homosexuals, NO sassy kids getting up in their parent’s grill and yelling in their face, NO drug use (anything that pertained to any form of witchcraft), NO abortion (the unborn child is a human being, not a mass of tissue), NO PERversion “bibles,” nor any other “freedom of choice” sin we engage in every day. Fact is, they were better off because they believed God’s Word, they feared God, and they didn’t have all this cyber junk we live our lives with today.

Honestly, if you’re worldly, you don’t want to have met the Lord Jesus in His day. He was the ultimate fire-and-brimstone preacher, and He hates sin to this very day, because He is the unchanging God incarnate. So all this nonsense about being in a virtual atmosphere with Jesus is NOT the Jesus Christ of the Bible. By the way, He hates these games. God isn’t in a million miles of this satanic garbage. Shame on you if you play them.

What started me looking on Google for a MMORPG game I remember playing with a friend back in the mid 1990’s is the reason for this article. I can’t remember the name of it, so I searched and found this.

List of Christian video games by Wikipedia

NONE of these have anything to do with the King James Bible and what it teaches. This is the world exploiting the name of Christ for a buck. It’s always all about money.

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