"Safer Internet Day"

Again, we have safer internet day, telling one and all to check their privacy settings so Godless Google can gather as much info about us as possible. I don’t buy this “safer internet” baloney for a second. If you REALLY want to be safe on the internet, get off of it entirely. Pull the plug, sell the device, and go cold turkey. Thing is, for most, nowadays that’s just about impossible.

I do know a few folks who refuse to have a cellphone or use a computer. These people set an example for me, however I’m too involved now with my website, my blogs and certain responsiblities on Facebook. Honestly, I wish I could sever myself from here for good, but I believe God has a reason for me here, which I will mention below.

It just goes to show how involved (dependent, trapped) we are in this internet scheme. We have been led blindly to need it in every facet of life. Via Google Assistant, it even does our tasks for us: it reminds us of important events, answers our questions, corrects our spelling (if you’re not a grammarian like me) and of course it serves as communication with others near and far.

Phones aren’t just pick it up, dial a number, talk, and hang up anymore. I miss the old clunky rotary telephone my mother had. Now our phones are our brains!! And if you have a phone plastered to your ear all day long, you might just get a brain tumor!! So much for worshipping the god of electronics! Was reading the Bible and praying all that bad?

Bull CRAP!! GOD is recording EVERYTHING you do online. “I can do whatever I want…” Like porn? Rock and Roll? LGBTQXYZ?? The internet is a haven and an accomplice to sin of every kind. Online identity? To be sure, God sees YOU as your “online identity”!! Talk about blameshifting! Who’s kidding who?

By the way, I refuse to hold the phone to my ear during a call. I turn on speakerphone, and if I sound tinny, oh well. I don’t hold it in my hand for long. I keep it on my nightstand or desk, and when I’m out I put it in my purse. I don’t leave it in my pocket. So if you call me and I don’t answer, leave a voicemail. If I don’t recognize the number, it gets blocked. I’ve had too many telemarketers and scam-likely’s to keep an unknown number. LEAVE A MESSAGE, and say who you are so I don’t block your number. That’s what voicemail is for. (No, I’m not giving out my number.)

Just to balance it though, I admit there is one very good thing to the internet. I take full advantage of using this powerful vehicle to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in parts of the world I personally could never reach. I see proof of this fact when I look at my stats here at WordPress. Over HALF of my blog’s views are from across the ocean, in countries that take a microsecond to reach at the speed of the internet. That, to me, is a blessing beyond comparison.

Several years ago, I had my first and so far only convert through the internet at one of my defunct websites. This beautiful soul’s name was Loice Lenkume from Kenya, Africa, who got saved reading my website, having left a comment in my guestbook. I didn’t know a thing about her until a year after she posted her comment and I found out her email, so I wrote to her and she told me everything. Her son Peter contacted me back and said his mother was ill and dying, but she got saved and gave her whole family the Gospel. To this day they are all serving the Lord. Her sons are pastors and her grandchildren are being nurtured in the Lord. She is face to face with the Master now, having obtained eternal life through my website. That’s good stuff. I know I will see my dear Loice and all her family and village in Heaven one glad day. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for God using the internet for good. I am so thankful for that.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

Everything in life has two sides, a good side and a bad side, pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages. We have grown so accustomed and dependent on the internet that it’s not only a part of life, to many it is life. I could mention many evil cons to the internet, and to be sure, they outnumber the pros by miles, but I believe God causes good things to happen from evil, and He gives us undeserved blessings through what would seem impossible in our own minds. Indeed, His ways are NOT our ways.

So happy checking your passwords and securing your accounts day. Brace yourself for more intrusion of privacy, all thanks to Godless Google!! Enjoy!!

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