The world vs. the USA

I like to add things up and see the progress in my websites. I was looking at the stats for my blog here. As of today, I have 2,301 hits. I looked in the Countries section and pressed “All Time,” and each country was displayed in order of the amount of hits. Altogether, thus far, for the single year that I have had this blog, the United States tops them out at 1,023 hits. All other countries across the world collectively add up to 1,278 hits.

This tells me something quite profound. It seems that people in other countries read my blog more than readers in the United States by over half. Therefore, it seems to me that other countries are more open to the truth of the Gospel by over 200. This makes sense, since the United States is rapidly deteriorating into a country which hates God, the Bible, Christianity, old time methods, old school teachings, and events of the past which made us a Godly nation based on Biblical principles. Even Canada (327) and the United Kingdom (314), two of the most Bible and Gospel-starved countries on earth, have more hits to my blog than any other country.

I also believe the stark difference in the United States is due to the invasion of Lordship Salvation and the rapid influx of false Alexandrian bibles since the 1800’s. I am certain that if we stayed the course of the King James Bible, we would still be considered a Christian nation. Sadly, the USA is considered by other nations as “The Great Satan” for our ill repute as God-haters, Christ-rejecters, Bible-corrupters and Satan-worshippers. Just the attitude of a nation towards God speaks volumes. I can see that now. I am not proud to be an American, but I salute the American flag, I am grateful to our veterans’ sacrifices, I still agree with the old-time ways, and I vote with my heart and conscience. I am humbled to be a God-fearing Christian shining my light for Jesus in these end of times in the former land of the free and home of the brave.

I’m afraid I admit to be an old fuddyduddy, a fossil, an old grandma-type who’s stuck on the old days, but I am someone who, along with my God, hates global unity, New Age religions, treehuggers, climate change, LGBTQ agendas, public school indoctrinations, children being let alone to become animals, global warming, religions of every sort, Satanic music, drunkenness, drug-addiction, gambling, porn of any type, Christian Contemporary garbage, the so-called prosperity gospel, false religions, false prophets, false teachers, false bibles, etc. You name that which is popular in the days we live, by God’s grace, I detest it and stay far away from it.

Humbly, I have the mind of Christ. I hate what Christ hates. I love what Christ loves. I love the King James Bible. I’m ashamed of today’s lukewarm Christianity. I cringe at other false cults’ devotion to lies (e.g., Jehovah’s Witnesses). I despise every evil work and way, and that’s because America is judged and the world is dying and about to come up before God Almighty upon her death.

Call me what you may, and hate me if you will, but I want to live for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and preach the Gospel to as many as I can, as long as I can while I still can. There are still a few seconds of daylight left. I will work while there is light to see by, even to the final second. The night cometh, when no man can work. And when the darkness falls at last, I will no longer be here, but in Heaven.