The Catholic Church is a prison in disguise!

I woke up this morning with this song running around my head from the movie “Auntie Mame”, which came out in 1974. The reason? My Catholic high school Glee Club had us sing songs from this musical play for recital one year back in the 1980’s. Now I love to sing, but I used to be very shy, so I was glad to be in a youth choir of sorts. It was the closest thing to youth activity that I had without being in a Christian church.

I remember the top hats, the long dresses, the way our choir leader lined us up (I was always in the middle end of row), and the audience clapping when we were finished. Granted, I do have some nice memories of Catholic high school. Most of it was humdrum, and I got average grades, but there were some things I’ll never forget. I still remember my music teacher, Sister Mary William, SSJ. I grew attached to her as if she was my only friend in the world. She was very patient with me, though, and let me tag along with her at times within reason. I remember the strong smell of coffee when I entered the music room. I remember prayers being said before each rehearsal, and also before the school day began. I remember the friends I had, no doubt getting older like me, lol. Yes, there were some good times.

I got to thinking though, why would a Catholic school have us recite anything from the world? I thought they were Christian. I thought they had the fear, the power and the knowledge of God on them. Our high school mascot was Mickey Mouse. Go figure! Everything we had was worldly, and I know now that’s because the Catholic church is the world repackaged as religion. BILLIONS of people are Hellbound Catholics for various reasons, most of which say it’s because their parents and family are Catholic. But sorry, friend, being Catholic isn’t being saved. Your priests can’t save you, because they fake forgiveness of sins in the confessional box. No man has the power to forgive sins except the God-man, the Lord Jesus Christ. All their rituals, masses, false doctrines and idol worship don’t please God one bit, but only make Him store up more wrath for them. Thank the Lord for His longsuffering towards us. You better get HEART-washed in the blood of JESUS if you want to go to Heaven, my Catholic friend, because you WILL end up in Hell without Him if you continue in this abominable cult from Hell.

I had been given what I thought was a great honor at my parish: the reading of the lectionary (Wicked-pedia says and I paraphrase, a lectionary is a book or listing that contains a collection of [FALSE] scripture readings appointed for Catholic liturgy on a given day or occasion). I read that thing several times, shaking like a leaf in front of people, standing on what I thought was holy ground, my voice barely more than a whisper. I remember my arms were covered in sweat and each reading as though it would last forever. I was absolutely terrified, but I assumed that was what God wanted me to do.

However, most of my Catholic school “upbringing” was tainted with lies, vain show, and even one instance of potential rape (yes, I’m about to preach here). Since you must know the juicy tidbits of my former life, here it is.

It didn’t happen in high school, thank God for that, but it happened at the parish I went to. After I was saved, I knew deep down that I had changed. Everything looked better, and I even thought differently. I also wanted to find a job. In so thinking, I asked the priest at the parish if I could be hired as a “secretary” and he said yes. He showed me a desk and a phone, and he told me to write down any calls that came in, and to tell him when he came back.

Now you realize that Catholics are taught (more like brainwashed) to treat their priests as if they are God Himself. The priest holds the power and the authority over everything they do and say. That’s one reason why the Catholic CULT is so powerful– and dangerous– they literally control their followers’ minds. Why else are Catholics so hard to lead to Christ? Because they follow the Pope, a literal ANTI-Christ!

As I sat there at that desk, I felt a certain dreadful awe come over me. It was dark. I sat there for God knows how long, I can’t remember. There were no calls, and everything was quiet– except I had no idea this priest was watching me. What happened afterward caused me to permanently leave the parish and never return. I’m thoroughly convinced that GOD protected me because I was His child, a newborn in Christ, and He never forsakes His children.

I was on my way out to go home at the end of the day. The priest came to me and asked me a few questions, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but then— he brushed his hand under my breast. I froze, and then I got away from him, crying uncontrollably. I’m convinced that son of a devil almost raped me because one thing leads to another, and no priest is allowed to be with a woman for their damned rule of abstinence. That’s why they’re all homosexuals raping little boys. I know what I’m talking about! The Catholic cult is of the Devil!! Such PEDOPHILE FREAKS will each have their part in the Lake of Fire!! JUDGMENT IS COMING!! If I had remained there, I’m sure he would have defiled me, even killed me. I don’t like saying this but I’m certain he split Hell wide open when he died.

All the time I went to Catholic school was, spiritually, for nothing, but I blame Christians for not having enough discernment and compassion, for not visiting me and my mother in our apartment to open the Bible and ask us if we wanted to be born again. Yet I know God allowed this for my good and I am stronger in Christ now, and I have my chatroom friends to thank for that, because they stood in the gap for me at a later crucial time in my life. Praise the Lord for His faithful servants. God never gives up on His own.

Money talks, the (true) Gospel saves

Note: I made some modifications to this post several times because upon reading it, God showed me that it was missing a few crucial points. Also, please see my new Fake Bibles, False Tracts page.

I was watching a video an old friend had made several years ago about “how to tract”, meaning, how to strategically place Gospel tracts in stores, outside, etc., in places where they will be seen, picked up and read. Curious, I looked up “money gospel tracts” on Google, and I found a few pictures seen here. I will describe them. (By the way, I am not linking to these corrupted websites, you can play with fire on your own.)

This tract says, “Jesus (first error, you don’t refer to the Lord as if He is your “buddy”, He is the LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD ALMIGHTY IN THE FLESH), I know that I’m a sinner, and without accepting you I would spend eternity in Hell (keep reading this, you’ll go there). I believe you’re God’s only son (little “S”, left out “begotten”), and my only way to Heaven. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead so I can live eternally. I accept your free gift of salvation (works), and ask you to come into my heart and be Lord of my life (more works). Jesus, I turn away from my sins (works, blatant Lordship Salvation) and ask you to forgive my sins (works again, He already forgave the sins of the whole world at the cross, so He doesn’t have to do it again for anyone). I believe my sins are forgiven (here? not by a long shot) and I am now adopted into the family of God through my Lord Jesus Christ (no, because you’re still a hellbound sinner). Through Jesus I am righteous before God the Father (no, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, which is a road to Hell). I now ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit (NO, you don’t “get filled” with the Holy Spirit at will, He INDWELLS YOU when you are GENUINELY SAVED; A ONE TIME ONLY EVENT), and accept his daily help in living for my Lord Jesus Christ.” The “believing” part is correct, but then it adds unnecessary steps to simple belief, therefore the gospel is corrupted. This tract is therefore worthless. It has 2 out of 3, therefore it’s ALL WRONG. Don’t buy this one.
This one is junk too. First it says to pray. You DON’T have to pray to get saved, you simply BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART. It says, “Dear Jesus, I repent from my old ways. (Repentance is a change of mind, not turning from sin, etc.). Please be the Lord of my life. (You don’t ASK Jesus to be Lord, HE IS LORD!) I ask that you come into my heart and help me live through you (again, works, Lordship Salvation). Thank you for dying on the cross to save me (where’s the Gospel message?). I believe God raised you from the dead (no burial), and I thank you for the hope of heaven and my salvation. Amen.” They try to look scholarly by sticking verses in there, most likely from the NIV or some other fake bible. This one belongs in the garbage pail too because it also has only TWO elements of the true Gospel, so it is also corrupt. What’s wrong with the WHOLE truth of the Gospel? Because these people will lose money if they print their tracts with the truth!
This one obviously has no clue, unless it’s printed on the other side, but it’s highly unlikely that they present the true Gospel. We are saved by FAITH, NOT WORKS!!!

Admittedly, money is an extremely powerful force. People treat it as a god in and of itself. That’s why the IDEA of money tracts is so intruiging, because if you found what looked like a hundred dollar bill, you’d get excited too! But wah wah wah, nope, it’s not money— it’s WAY MORE VALUABLE than money! That is, if the Gospel message on it is the real deal! See how mankind exploits the Gospel? The Devil is super slick!!

There were others that looked like million dollar bills but that’s way out there. Too obvious. My late Pastor used to say, “K.I.S.S.– Keep it simple, stupid.” LOL!

And no, I am not pointing out the blatant errors of Chick tracts! The back page is the kicker, saying you must “be willing to turn from sin”. RED FLAG ALERT! Go to the Chick website and see for yourself. The last page of every single Chick tract has that loathsome Lordship Salvation garbage. Jack Chick is a wonderful artist and he’s making thousands of dollars, but at the expense of the truth and the peril of many souls. Much blood is on Chick’s hands because of his false gospel. God pity him and save him. I don’t hate Jack Chick personally (I don’t hate anyone), I hate his complacency and greed for filthy lucre.

I must say, imitating money is a great way to spread the Gospel, but as you can see, many of these publishers only care about monetary gain. Rarely does anyone know the difference between the KJB and false bibles, so they spend money, snap these tracts up, and try to appease their conscience. Sorry, but these don’t work!

Since the King James Bible is the minority (because it tells the TRUTH), genuine KJB tracts are few and far between. Hardly anyone wants a bloody Gospel that tells them if they don’t believe on Christ, they’ll burn with torments in eternal fire– and THEN telling them there is a way out of Hell, and it’s ONLY through the DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ. Thank God my co-laborer in Christ at the Jesus-is-Savior website makes his own Bible tracts and encourages others to print them out FOR FREE! By the way, I need to get some more myself! Here it is! Print out 50 or 100 of these and get to work, and save your God-given money!

Are only my friend at the JIS website and I speaking out for God here? Where are the true Christians? Why are they putting their light under a bushel at this crucial hour, when the Antichrist will immediately set foot on the scene after the believers are raptured out? Why won’t anybody listen to us? It’s because of what the Lord said, that man will love his own and they love darkness rather than light. It’s so sad. No wonder Jesus said only a FEW will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone else has gone AWOL!!

I wouldn’t want to be in the place of any of these Bible-corrupters at the judgment. So be it. I intend to keep shining my light for Jesus Christ. God have mercy on this sinful world.

Another righteous rant (but GOD will prevail)

I’m angry. Seems like I’m angry a lot these days. Why am I angry? Because God is angry at our nation. We now live in a Communist Police State! Here’s a post for you trolls to spread around and copy to your other devil friends!! Let me break it down for you.

  1. Our public schools indoctrinate our children. Yes, I said INDOCTRINATE, a.k.a. BRAINWASH, our next generation. Why in God’s Name do you think our young people are so wild and act like hoodlums? Because that’s what the higher powers want! Evolution, New Age literature, “gay rights”, homosexual training, and many other unseemly subjects are being forced on YOUR children… and you do absolutely nothing about it.
  2. Mass addictions. I’m not just talking about drugs in the sense of hard stuff like heroin or crack. I’m talking about CIGARETTES. I’m talking about ALCOHOL. I’m talking about the OPIOID CRISIS. Stuff the average nobody thinks is normal, even acceptable. (I had bought a box of Sudafed last month for congestion, and do you know, before purchasing it, I had to sign a form and show my ID? And they keep track of HOW OFTEN you buy this stuff!! That’s insanity!!) How many lives have been destroyed because these satanic substances are at your very fingertips? How many familes split? How many children being sent to foster homes? HOW MANY UNTIMELY DEATHS? Do you realize that these mega-companies are filthy rich, and are getting richer because of YOUR stupidity?? They’re PARASITES!! Are you thinking yet? But you do absolutely nothing about it.
  3. Television (or more properly, HELLivision). Sex scenes everywhere. Lewd, filthy conversations. Everything’s a joke, haha, let’s laugh it up at others’ expense. Violence is considered normal. Movies are actually REALITY SHOWS, and reality shows are made up! How about that! The newsmedia always puts some miniskirted whore between two homos! Watch the news tonight and see! You know I’m telling the truth! (What got me this morning is the YouTube app advertising Netflix, saying you can watch all the filth, slime, vomit and garbage you want, FOR ONE LOW PRICE. Every time I see that I want to throw my phone against the wall!!) TV is the Devil’s favorite weapon of mass destruction!! And you sit by, watching your Netflix, whoremongering, violent, sex-saturated, bloody, gory, homosexual-promoting movies, and you do absolutely NOTHING about it.
  5. HOMOsexuality. (a.k.a., SODOMITES!!!) (I’m going to get a beating for this one.) GOD CREATED ADAM AND EVE, NOT ADAM AND STEVE. Yeah, I’m HOMOPHOBIC, and PROUD OF IT! Homosexuals need to get saved just like any other sinner! Yes, I said, YOU’RE A SINNER!! But you do absolutely nothing about it.
  6. Indifference to the NEGATIVE side of our sins. Homelessness. People living at and below the poverty line. Jobs being relocated overseas (which is a joke because powerful corporate leaders don’t feel like paying an honest day’s wages to anyone, because nobody’s honest anymore and the people in other countries are mere animals that can be exploited for gain.) AM I RIGHT?? You know I’m right! How many people get shot, because of indifference? How many people die (and go straight to Hell, I might add) from drunk driver incidents? How many women get raped and killed because their minds are full of lust and seduction towards men AND other women!! We live in a sex-sicko society, folks! Hey, you dress like a whore, you’re gonna get treated like a whore! Duh!! And on it goes… yet you do absolutely NOTHING about it.
  7. The New World Order agenda. Look at it! The all-seeing eye of Horus is watching you! How? Where? Cameras everywhere. You have a cellphone, do you not? CAMERA. Store cameras. Parking lot cameras. Building cameras. Cameras that catch you trying to drive through a red light and you end up with a ticket! The camera on your computer turns on without your knowing it and takes pictures of you! I’m not lying! Even the founder of Godless Google has a piece of tape over his computer camera! Haha!! Does “Big Brother” ring any bells? How about the chip? Do you have a chip in your hand? You’re part of the SHEEPLE if you do! And you’re part of the problem if you go along with it! You’re going along to get along and you don’t want to get involved, speak up, or raise a hand of objection. You’re one of the SHEEPLE! Oh well, truth hurts, but it’s GOOD for you!
  8. THE ARRIVAL OF THE ANTICHRIST. People don’t believe there’s a real Devil. Well, let me tell you, my inquisitive friend, that the Devil (Satan) is alive and well, and he’s about to bring his son forth on the scene! Just look around you! Why do you think all this evil is suddenly come upon us, and people talk about the end of the world more now than ever? Why the drastic changes in the weather? (Climate change is a front for the powers that be to keep us from finding out what they’re REALLY doing behind the scenes.) Something’s gonna happen! I’ll tell you what it is! WE CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS are going to be RAPTURED OUT of the world. There will be mass disappearances of people all over the globe. All that are left, who FAILED to believe the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, will be left behind to endure the greatest and most horrific of times on this earth, the TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE, or the “Great Tribulation”. Yet you continue in your sinful unbelief, and don’t care, saying, “I don’t want Jesus to save me, I hate God, I like sinning, just don’t tell me such things”! So you do absolutely NOTHING about it.
  9. The GODLESS LORDSHIP SALVATION HERESIES, a.k.a. NEO-EVANGELICALS and ECUMENICALISM!! Also the PERversion “bibles” (fakes) that are in every so-called “Christian” bookstore, like the NIV, the NASB, the NKJV, the AMP, the NLT, the NASB, ASV, ERV, ESV, and all of the 2,000 other worthless, garbage, ungodly works of the Devil. How about the false religions? Anything that’s religion is NOT a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. That means whatever church you go to, if it’s not a Bible-believing, Hell-fire preaching, soulwinning, Christ-honoring church, then you’ve got the WRONG CHURCH! Get out of there NOW and go to a Bible-preaching and teaching church– in other words, the REAL DEAL!
  10. And lastly, the ABORTION PROBLEM AND THE ROT OF FEMINISM. You know, I got an email the other day from Planned Parenthood. Now I’m past the childbearing age (I had a hysterectomy, you nosy fool) and I thought it was a joke, but it’s not. Women can’t keep their legs crossed at all anymore. Females wear tight pants, ripped jeans (ugh, how dumb is that) and all other whoremongering means to get knocked up, right? But you say, “I just want to look good.” THEN WEAR A LONG DRESS, FOR GOD’S SAKE!! LIKE DOWN TO THE GROUND!! You look like a whore, you get treated like a whore! Wake up!! The abortion industry is thriving because of people like you!! They don’t give a flip about you or your unborn child. They want to kill us all anyway! It’s called, MASS POPULATION REDUCTION!! Get right with God, LADIES!! You belong AT HOME, DOING HOUSEWORK, COOKING YOUR HUSBAND HIS MEALS, and STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE!! I didn’t write it, I just PREACH IT!!

I hate the National Anthem anymore. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”?? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. MORE LIKE, GOD DAMN AMERICA!! And that’s EXACTLY what He’s doing, because we don’t care about the Bible (the King James Bible, that is) and we just want to get drunk and high and PAHH-TAY! We live in a sick world, and the only Cure is the LORD JESUS CHRIST!! YOU’RE ON A SURE ROAD TO HELL FIRE IF YOU CONTINUE IN YOUR EVIL WAYS!! REPENT, and believe the GOSPEL, NOW, before it’s too late!

Another time of famine

I noticed that whenever I post something here and I share it with my friend at his Jesus-is-Savior website that I get lots of activity. Sadly, though, as the title of my post scrolls further down in his Recent Articles, people no longer see it and they cease from visiting here. All of us veteran internet writers know that all of the activity is at the tippy-top of the page. But that’s okay, I like it this way. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the limelight.

I’ll soon forward another writing to my friend that will get people to come back here when he posts it to his website (a referred post). Why they don’t come back when I first write it here is beyond me. What, do I stink or something? I showered this morning! Lol.

So don’t be disappointed, folks, if you see a dearth of writings. I’ll be back to stir things up another day. After all, it’s my job.

New Year 2020, for the Lord Jesus Christ

I want to begin by thanking God for the life He has given me. I want to testify publicly that He has been my faithful Provider, Comforter and Friend. He has not once given up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. 2019 was a year of great blessings, and I am confident that 2020 will be as well. His will be done.

So it’s the last day of 2019. It’s late afternoon where I am, and I am already sensing the excitment in the air at the prospect of a new year heading our way. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming, but I have peace because God is with me and the Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior.

I have fond memories of many New Year’s Eves when I was growing up in my mother’s apartment, and she and I used to watch the ball drop and the Guy Lombardo show. There would be cheese and crackers, potato chips and ginger ale, and we would have a good time every New Year’s Eve, just the two of us. But New Year’s Eve is not so innocent anymore. I think when the Guy Lombardo show went off, it started to get more and more worldly. Yet I’m glad I have those childhood memories.

It’s just a matter of a few hours before that Times Square Ball drops. We watch it on TV, but I myself don’t watch anything but the countdown and the ball drop proper. I have no patience for watching those frantic people cheering and waving and tooting their horns. All that is annoying. I just want the GOOD PART, the countdown from 2019 to 2020!

I also detest and never watch the shows and performances by Godless people who just want to be seen and praised as heroes. Talk about weird and an eyesore! Are you kidding me? I don’t know who will be performing tonight at New Year’s Eve, but for sure I don’t care! New York, aside from California, is a town chock full of fruits and nuts! There’s bars, theaters and houses of debauchery everywhere in New York City! Another reason why I hate crowds: you don’t know who (or what) will end up next to you! It’s a sodomite’s paradise! They don’t call it “the city that never sleeps” for nothing! And I’m FROM Manhattan too! Go figure!

In this website, it tells you what you can do on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Carefully notice what they say after you find your coveted spot and the barricades are up. Look at what this nutty writer says. First, before you venture out into Times Square, they tell you to dress warmly, eat a good hearty meal, and bring snacks because you’re going to be out in the freezing cold for several hours; but, not to be gross, then they tell you that you won’t be able to relieve yourself unless you forfeit your spot! The police don’t let you out to go to a bathroom at all! The restaurants and bars will NOT let you in to their public restrooms. Sure, they’re not making money off of that!

You will NEVER catch me in New York City for ANY reason. Last time I was in New York City, it was for my aunt’s funeral. I would never stand outside in the cold for SEVERAL HOURS for any reason! I have enough sense to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy, and I have instant access to a bathroom should nature call! Sorry, but common sense is still alive and well in a few of us!

The only good thing I see in all this is that the NYPD bans drinking alcohol during the festivities. So don’t try to bring your own booze to the ball drop! You could end up in a jail cell for however long! Of course that doesn’t deter people much, since they can imbibe and lush all they want in the area bars, restaurants and clubs. I hate that saying, “Drink responsibly.” Drunk driving is epidemic on New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple! Ugh, the whole concept of alcohol makes me SICK!

After the ball drops, I’m going to bed, having to listen to horns blowing for hours afterward by drunk people who can’t shut up and quit their partying! Ugh, New Year’s Eve is DISGUSTING!! In my opinion, New Year’s Eve is just like Christmas, with the lights and the drinking and the carousing and the singing of nasty worldly songs that won’t leave your head for hours. It’s all COMMERCIALISM and SIN!! And God HATES IT!! ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS belong in Hell where they came from!! Have some sense, reader, and turn it all off!

Until next year…